eHealth Tidbit: VITLAccess Patient Search Tips

by Senior Solutions Specialist Andrea De La Bruere

Have you ever searched for a patient in VITLAccess and found that they did not appear in the search results?

The Vermont Health Information Exchange (VHIE) is a robust repository of statewide patient information. Patient information is sent from contributing organizations to the VHIE immediately following a patient encounter. It is likely that there is some information about each of us contained in the VHIE.

Finding the information within VITLAccess can be a little tricky if the patient has “Opted Out” when they were asked for their consent (permission for all providers involved with their care to view their medical information). If a patient “Opts Out” and says “no, I do not want my providers to view my protected health information,” they will not appear in the search results in VITLAccess. While it’s important to note that most patients say yes when they are asked for their consent (96 percent), there is a solution to find those who decline. By accessing the Patient Consent Module in VITLAccess, it is easy to determine the consent status of the patient (see screen shots below).

Once located in the Patient Consent Module, it may be a good time to ask if the patient (named CONSENT, PATIENTOPTOUT in this case), would like to reconsider his/her “Opt Out” status.

Although the patient has clearly “Opted Out”, in a medical emergency the provider may still “Break Glass” to view the patient’s medical information.

VITLAccess patient search

VITLAccess patient consent

VITLAccess patient consent opt out