Requesting Support Through the MyVITL Ticketing System

MyVITL is the ticketing system VITL provides for clients to submit requests for support services. The ticketing system allows for the secure transfer of PHI (Protected Health Information), and prevents unauthorized person(s) from viewing PHI in the tickets. The first step in using the ticketing system is to request a MyVITL account.

Begin this process by visiting

  1. Click on Sign Up.
  2. Click on to send a request via email.
  3. Enter the required information in the body of the email.

Please do not include any PHI in this email.


Once the account has been created, you will receive a welcome email from VITL Support Services. This email contains your username and a link to set your password.

MyVITL password reset

With your username and new password, go to and log in to create a MyVITL ticket.

To create a new MyVITL ticket, click on the “New MYVITL Ticket” button and fill in both the subject and description fields.

Do not include PHI in the subject line of the ticket.

MyVITL ticket

Once completed, choose either the “Submit” button if there isn't an attachment(s) or the “Submit & Add Attachment” button if there is an attachment(s). Attachments can always be added after creating a ticket. Once a ticket is submittted, you will receive an alert every time it is updated.

Please click here for more a detailed, printable version of the instructions for submitting MyVITL tickets.