On-Demand Recordings of the VITLAccess Webinars Available

Recordings of the three-part VITLAccess webinar series are now available to view on-demand. Whether you are just beginning to explore the capabilities of VITLAccess, or are already using the portal in your practice, these webinars provide timely and helpful information.


WEBINAR 1: AN INTRODUCTION TO VITLACCESS - this video is an introduction to VITLAccess and patient consent, and shows clinicians how they can use VITLAccess to get a more complete view of a patient's medical information.


WEBINAR 2 - NEW USER SUPPORT & ADMIN FUNCTIONS - this video describes practical examples for using VITLAccess in your practice. Topics include an overview of the portal, the VHIE consent policy, patient search and emergency access, consent workflow, medication reconciliation, and administrative functions and support.


WEBINAR 3 - ADVANCED TRAINING & LIVE DEMO - this video includes advanced training on how to integrate VITLAccess into your workflow. After a detailed discussion on patient consent, we will explore the capabilities of VITLAccess using clinically relevant scenarios about a fictitious patient.


For more information about using VITLAccess in your practice, please contact our client services team at