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Green Mountain Care Board Presentation Set for February 4

In preparation for a Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB) review of VITL’s budget and activities, a comprehensive presentation will be given by CEO John K. Evans to the board on February 4, 2016.

VHIE Operational Summary

The Vermont Health Information Exchange (VHIE)— with its depth and breadth of connections around the state—is a clinical data network built to deliver valuable services to providers and provider networks across the state.

Save the Date for the VITL Summit '16 Conference

Vermont Information Technology Leaders, Inc., with The University of Vermont College of Medicine, is hosting Summit '16 on October 5 & 6, 2016 at the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center in Burlington, Vermont.

Ten Years as a Premiere Health IT Summit

VITL will celebrate its 10th year of hosting one of New England's top health care and technology conferences, for Vermont and regional physicians, nurses, clinicians, practice managers, quality improvement and health care IT professionals, health care CIOs, consumers and health IT entrepreneurs.


Wrapping up VITL's Ninth Annual Summit Conference

The annual Summit is an important event for VITL and the participants as well. There are few opportunities in the New England region where over 400 professionals and consumers gather to learn and share knowledge about advances in health information technology.

We are celebrating the success of our most recent Summit on September 30 and October 1, 2015, and its ninth year as a health IT education and networking staple. 
The challenge of presenting a fresh face and interesting content while maintaining familiarity each year was met in several ways for Summit '15:

Home Health Agency First to Send CCDs to VHIE

A Continuity of Care Document (CCD) contains a set of medical facts about a patient who may need to transition from one care setting to another, such as from a hospital to long-term care facility. A CCD does not contain a patient's entire medical record, but does include important clinical information so the patient will continue to receive appropriate care when transferred. As a part of Meaningful Use attestation, providers must demonstrate that they can exchange a patient summary record as a CCD.

VITL Announces Leadership Changes

VITL is announcing three leadership changes in the client services and operations departments. These changes are designed to strengthen VITL's customer focus, enhance operations and continue to measure the value of products and services.


Trajectory not Position

This article is reposted with permission from author John Halamka M.D. It was originally posted on John's blog, Life as a HealthCare CIO.

Awareness Continues After Campaign Concludes

When was the last time you got excited about reading an article or book on technology? If the answer is “all the time” then consider yourself in the minority. Technology is the backbone that makes everyday tasks from online bank transactions to a Facebook ‘Like’ seamless, without the end user needing to know about how their data is collected, stored and transferred. These networks and systems have been integrated into our lives so deeply that many people cannot imagine life before them, but that’s about as far as a social conversation goes most of the time.  

Provider Advisory Committee Seeks Input and Solutions

Clinicians are facing many challenges with implementing health IT in their practices. VITL wants to hear from clinicians about their challenges, so we formed a Provider Advisory Committee made up of clinicians from around the state. VITL intends to leverage the broad health IT experience of the committee members to understand future technology needs of Vermont clinicians, and to develop use cases for VITL’s services that will help them find solutions.

What was Old is New Again for Hospital Interface Move-In

Recently Southwestern Vermont Medical Center, Medicity and VITL met the old-fashioned way—face-to-face—at the VITL office in Burlington to complete the second phase of a hospital interface project. The goal was to build five interfaces or connections that would feed data from the hospital to the Vermont Health Information Exchange (VHIE), the statewide health data network operated by VITL.

Five interfaces were built to:


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