Inventor and ePatient Dana Lewis to Give Summit '16 Luncheon Talk

VITL is pleased to announce that Dana M. Lewis will deliver the luncheon talk at Summit'16. Ms. Lewis is the director, MDigitalLife for W20 Group, working at the intersection of all things health and digital, to help organizations understand, engage and activate the online health ecosystem. Dana is well known in the health care social media space, first and foremost from founding and leading the #hcsm Twitter chat community since 2009. Before joining W2O Group, she spent years in a digital leadership role supporting a nonprofit health system and other health organizations in connecting patients with health information and services online.

Dana is also known as a leading ePatient, frequently speaking worldwide and publishing on topics related to patient engagement and the DIY and #WeAreNotWaiting movement. She has worked directly with healthcare device manufacturers to help them solve problems from the patient's perspective. Having first developed her own "Do It Yourself" Artificial Pancreas System (known as #DIYPS), she also leads the #OpenAPS open source movement and community to make safe and effective basic artificial pancreas technology available (sooner) for people with diabetes.