OhMD Secure Text Messaging App


Why You Need Secure Text Messaging for Your Provider and Patient Communications

Over 70 percent of doctors are texting with other providers, and with patients. Smartphone use is nearly universal, so secure text messaging in health care makes sense as a simple and efficient communication option, and can offer patients more opportunities to engage in their own care.

Texting can make care coordination with colleagues, staff and referring doctors faster and easier, with the ability to quickly create channels for communicating with patients in the circle of care. Texting could be just the antidote for the constant ringing of office telephones, missed calls and the drudgery of going through a back log of voicemail messages.

The OhMD Secure Text Messaging app is a simple solution in a complicated world

Vermont Information Technology Leaders (VITL) and OhMD are offering a secure, HIPAA compliant text messaging service for Vermont health care providers and their patients. VITL recognizes that technology which improves communications for providers and their patients increases the rate of patient engagement. Messages from using OhMD are not transmitted or stored in VITL's health information exchange.

  • OhMD is a HIPAA-secure messaging app that works like other familiar texting apps, allowing health care providers and their care teams to securely and easily text with other health care providers and patients.
  • Where traditional texting apps lack the HIPAA security for transferring Protected Health Information (PHI), OhMD is fully encrypted and HIPAA secure, so you can use it with any other OhMD user to communicate PHI.
  • OhMD can improve care coordination, and fits nicely into the daily workflow of a health care provider. Consider the example of a mother or father wanting to quickly send a secure text that includes an image of a rash their child developed. Within the care coordination circle a provider may forward the text to a specialist for assessment, and then text the concerned parent with recommendations before needing to make an in-person appointment.

Patients love OhMD! Studies have shown that patients using point of care technologies like texting are more satisfied and engaged with their care than those who are not.

An engaged patient is more likely to take better care of themselves, so why not improve your patient experience and outcomes by using secure text messaging with care planning!

OhMD is available for providers as a mobile app, and a web browser version for computer access

OhMD is available for providers as both a FREE mobile app, and a web browser version for computer access.OhMD secure text messaging

  • Providers who want to use OhMD should contact OhMD to get set up with an account.
  • Providers can also download the free OhMD mobile app directly from the App Store or the Google Play™ Store.
  • The web version of OhMD allows care coordinators to access text messages on a computer screen for easier reading and management.
  • Providers have the option to not text with patients at all, and only use OhMD to text with other providers, clinicians, referring providers and staff.

Providers can choose to text directly with patients, and never have to be the recipient of texts from patients. The texts can be managed by care teams and clinical staff. If you do not want to text with patients outside of business hours, OhMD has an auto-reply feature that can be configured to respond to patients during that time. You set the schedule that works for your office.

What should you do next to start using OhMD?