Primary Care Health Partners Sending CCDs to VHIE

Primary Care Health Partners (PCHP) continue to advance their technological capabilities with sending and receiving patient data via the Vermont Health Information Exchange (VHIE). During November 2014, VITL completed the development of an interface for PCHP to send Continuity of Care Documents (CCD) from their electronic health record system (EHR), through the VHIE and on to the Vermont Blueprint for Health Registry. At the same time an interface was built to send these messages to HIXNY as well.

This project was unique in the partnership between PCHP, their EHR vendor Allscripts, VITL and HIXNY. Kristina Choquette, VITL director of technical client engagement, oversaw the process, and Becky Senesac at PCHP and David Lalime at Allscripts were integral to completing the technical aspect of the interface. Kristina stated that this interface was especially challenging since PCHP is also connected to HIXNY and required concurrent CCD interfaces.

There were certainly issues along the way: ensuring that the connection to HIXNY remained operational introduced an additional challenge. Testing needed to be thorough, and confirmation of messages received at HIXNY needed to be integrated into the plan. Weekly meetings were key to moving this project forward successfully.

EHealth Specialist Chris Sweeny worked on the patient demographics remediation portion of the project. She performed data comparisons of patient lists between PCHP's patient management system and the VT Blueprint for Health Clinical Data Repository (Docsite) to ascertain discrepancies. Chris then worked with Becky Senesac and other members of the PCHP team to determine the root cause of problems with data not matching. Issues with duplicate patients, inactive patients, and patients being attributed to the wrong provider, along with other issues were ultimately resolved. The remediation needed to be completed before the CCD interfaces were live or inaccuracies in the patient data would have been compounded.

This project demonstrated that interoperability across vendor platforms can be achieved and VITL is there to support the organization every step of the way. PCHP’s CCD interface to the VHIE is the best example of the “document once, use many times” approach that organizations hope to leverage from their EHRs. When VITL receives that data into the VHIE, it is structured to meet the different data feed specifications of the Blueprint for Health (and OneCare Vermont Accountable Care Organization) reporting systems, all while maintaining the integrity of the data within the CCD itself.