UVMMC Ambulatory Practice CCDs in VITLAccess

VITL has exciting news for medical practitioners in Vermont: Care summaries from all of the UVM Medical Center ambulatory practices are now available through VITLAccess, the secure provider portal to the Vermont Health Information Exchange.

Ambulatory practices deliver services on a walk-in or outpatient basis without admitting a patient to the hospital. The practices include UVM Medical Center adult primary care, pediatric primary care, urgent care, ear-nose-throat care, and women’s health. This allows providers from outside of the UVM Medical Center to see complete summaries of a patient's past visits from these departments and practices. The care summaries available through VITLAccess are similar to the visit summaries provided to patients when they leave the office, and contain demographic information, a complete problem list, a current medication list and recommended follow-up treatments.

VITLAccess is a secure portal to the Vermont Health Information Exchange that allows the exchange of medical information between providers. With a patient’s consent, any authorized provider involved in the treatment of that patient can use VITLAccess to view information about them from other healthcare organizations around the state. Currently, the VHIE receives patient information from all 14 Vermont hospitals, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, all of Vermont FQHC’s, 117 primary and specialty care locations, five visiting nurse associations, and three commercial labs.

It is important for a provider at one of Vermont’s Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), who referred a patient to UVM Medical Center’s ear, nose and throat department to see a full summary of that visit, and any other visits to the UVM Medical Center. Similarly, if a UVM Medical Center patient needs treatment at another Vermont hospital, providers there can use VITLAccess to review all of their past visits to the UVM Medical Center. Access to patient information when and where it is needed helps to inform decisions made at the point of care thereby improving a patient’s experience, improving the quality of care a patient receives, and maybe reducing the cost of care.

This is the second phase of a project that has spanned more than two years. In December, 2015 VITL began collecting inpatient care summaries from UVM Medical Center upon patients’ discharges. On average, VITL has been receiving about 42,000 care summaries per month and expects that number to triple to about 130,000 care summaries per month now that inpatient and all ambulatory departments at the Medical Center are contributing.