VITL To Offer Improved Secure Messaging Service

To help Vermont hospitals and eligible professionals meet meaningful use criteria for transition of care, VITL will offer a service that makes it possible to electronically transfer a patient summary of care record between providers at different health care organizations.

VITL will implement a health information service provider (HISP) solution from Medicity, the company that provides VITL's HIE infrastructure. Using the services, standards and policies established by the nationwide Direct Project, the Medicity solution enables messages to be sent securely between providers via the Internet. Medicity's HISP has already been implemented by several other HIEs, including those serving Michigan, South Dakota, Hawaii, and Ohio.

For several years, VITL has offered secure messaging that complies with Direct standards. VITLDirect required the use of standalone software to send and receive messages. It will be replaced with the Medicity solution, but will retain the VITLDirect name. With the improved offering, some users may be able to send and receive secure messages from within their EHRs (if their EHR supports that functionality). A web-based portal that works much like regular email will be available for healthcare providers whose EHRs do not yet support Direct messaging.

"We've been hearing from Vermont providers about the need for a better solution to help meet the transition of care criteria for Stage 2," said Rob Gibson, VITL's vice president for marketing and business development. "We're excited to implement Medicity's HISP solution, which supports the full range of protocols for Direct messaging."

A Stage 2 meaningful use core measure requires eligible hospitals and eligible professionals to provide a summary of care record for more than 50 percent of transitions of care and referrals. At least 10 percent of the time the records must be sent electronically.

VITL expects to have the new VITLDirect service ready for use by early June. Subscription pricing for VITLDirect will be based on the size of a healthcare organization. For more information, contact us.