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Green Mountain Care Board Reviews VITL's Core Work

Act 54, a bill passed during the 2015 Vermont legislative session, gave the Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB) certain oversight over VITL’s budget and core activities. Those responsibilities include an annual review of VITL’s entire budget and activities and approval of those aspects funded by public sources. Core activities must take into account VITL's statutory responsibilities under 18 V.S.A.

A Year in Review: VITLAccess Provider Portal

During 2015, VITL has been focused on enrolling providers around the state to VITLAccess, the secure statewide provider portal that allows providers, with patient consent, to securely access a patient's medical information from their other providers across the state. This view of clinical data that is collected in the Vermont Health Information Exchange (VHIE) helps providers better understand a patient’s medical history, and may prevent an unnecessary or repeated test.


Update on the Vermont State Health IT Plan

Armed with information gathered from their steering committee, individual stakeholder interviews, 96 health care professionals at five envisioning sessions that were held around the state in late summer, and 542 responses to a community stakeholder survey, the project team has set about drafting the 2016 version of the Vermont Health Information Technology Plan (VHITP).


VITL and Blueprint Collaborations Improve Data Quality

By Judith Franz and Robert Gibson

During October several members of the VITL leadership team and staff attended the 2014 Semi-Annual Blueprint Conference at Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, VT. VITL collaborates with the Blueprint for Health on two major initiatives.

The State of Health Information Exchange Across the U.S.

Among the sessions that  will be held at the 2014 VITL Summit is a panel discussion offering a unique opportunity for attendees to get a glimpse into the state of health information exchanges across the country. The HIE Experience: Informing Health Care Decisions Across the U.S. will include leaders from five state and regional health information exchanges, to discuss how they are informing health care decisions. The panel discussion will be held on September 8 at 3:00 p.m.

Special EHR Reporting Periods for Eligible Professionals in 2014

If you are an eligible professional, be aware of the special reporting periods for submitting Meaningful Use measures in 2014.

Meaningful Use Reporting for Medicare and Medicaid Eligible Professionals:

  • Meaningful use only needs to be demonstrated for a three-month or 90 day reporting period, regardless of demonstrating Stage 1 or Stage 2 of meaningful use.  

Choose your reporting period based on program and participation year:

Most Vermonters Believe HIE Will Improve Care, Survey Finds

There is widespread support in Vermont for health information exchange, with a large percentage of Vermonters believing that HIE will improve care, according to a survey conducted by a research firm commissioned by VITL.

Podcast Provides Detailed Answers to Meaningful Use Questions

Eligible professionals tend to have a lot of questions about the criteria for meaningful use and the best methods for participating in the federal EHR Incentive Program. VITL's eHealth specialists answered some of those questions during a series of three webinars held during March. Other questions raised during the webinars couldn't be answered immediately because they needed more time for research.

2014 Pointers for Meaningful Use and HIPAA Changes

2014 brings new information and requirements for providers:

Consent Policy Change Approved by Green Mountain Care Board

Administration of patient consent for viewing data in the Vermont Health Information Exchange (VHIE) will become easier, under a policy change approved March 13th by the Green Mountain Care Board.

GMCB members unanimously approved a revised state policy recommended by VITL and supported by the state's secretary of administration. The change was initially requested by a trio of organizations representing Vermont healthcare providers: the Vermont Medical Society; Fletcher Allen Health Care; and the Vermont Assembly of Home Health and Hospice Agencies.


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