CEO John K. Evans Appointed to Medicity Steering Committee

Medicity, a Healthagen Business, recently announced the appointment of VITL President and CEO John K. Evans to the newly formed Medicity Executive Steering Committee. Medicity is a population health technology company and is the health information exchange (HIE) vendor to Vermont Information Technology Leaders, Inc. which operates the exclusive statewide health information exchange in Vermont.

Evans joins seven other health care leaders selected by Medicity to represent the various industry segments in which Medicity participates. With a shared vision for creating clinically connected communities, the Executive Steering Committee has been tasked with providing insight on long-term strategies in support of legislative mandates, industry requirements and best practices for clinical adoption – all with an eye toward affecting positive change in patient care.

Upon his appointment, Evans said “being selected as one of the charter members reinforces the importance of the statewide health reform initiatives in Vermont.  This is a state that understands the critical link between data and performance, with VITL at the very center of this important work.”

Other members of the committee represent Medicity’s enterprise clients and other public HIEs around the country. Members and are being asked to serve rotating, three-year terms. Each member brings their own informed point of view on three to five year industry trends which Medicity hopes to synthesize into a collective customer vision.

When asked about Mr. Evan’s appointment, Medicity CEO Nancy J. Ham said “the implementation and rollout of Medicity solutions in Vermont has been a proving ground that informs our other implementations and product roadmap. The insights and innovations John brings from Vermont will be helpful in shaping our strategy.”

The committee has met informally by phone and the first face to face meeting is planned during the upcoming Medicity Client Summit in September.