Green Mountain Care Board Reviews VITL's Core Work

Act 54, a bill passed during the 2015 Vermont legislative session, gave the Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB) certain oversight over VITL’s budget and core activities. Those responsibilities include an annual review of VITL’s entire budget and activities and approval of those aspects funded by public sources. Core activities must take into account VITL's statutory responsibilities under 18 V.S.A. §9352 as the exclusive operator of the Vermont Health Information Exchange.

Procurement grant agreements for VITL’s approved activities will continue to be administered by the Secretary of Administration, or its designee the Department of Vermont Health Access (DVHA). This creates an interdependent role between the GMCB and the Administration. The GMCB’s oversight is intended to provide strategic direction and policy guidance while the Administration, through DVHA, operationalizes the work done by VITL.

VITL, the GMCB and the governor's administration have worked together to develop a schedule that will give all parties time to conduct the necessary reviews without hindering the activities of VITL. The first in a series of public reviews by the GMCB occurred on November 5, 2015. During this review, CEO John K. Evans, CTO Michael Gagnon, and VP of Operations Kristina Choquette provided an overview of the current and planned activities and operations at VITL as well as a financial overview of VITL. This interactive presentation can be viewed by clicking here.

Upon reflecting on the presentation, CEO Evans said, “The work done by VITL provides the technological underpinnings for much of Vermont’s health care reform efforts. Alignment with the reform goals of the state is crucial and we look forward to working even more closely with the Green Mountain Care Board.”

VITL will meet several more times with the Green Mountain Care Board to present its activities and budget for the next fiscal year, with the goal of  obtaining GMCB approval by early April, 2016.

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