Podcast Provides Detailed Answers to Meaningful Use Questions

Eligible professionals tend to have a lot of questions about the criteria for meaningful use and the best methods for participating in the federal EHR Incentive Program. VITL's eHealth specialists answered some of those questions during a series of three webinars held during March. Other questions raised during the webinars couldn't be answered immediately because they needed more time for research.

VITL eHealth specialists Suzanne McEachron, Jennifer Morgan, and Ann Guilmette have compiled answers to those more difficult questions and discuss them in more detail during a recorded podcast. Among the topics discussed during the podcast are:

  • How do I choose between the Medicare and Medicaid incentive programs?
  • What are the thresholds for the Medicaid incentive program?
  • How soon can a new provider attest to meaningful use?
  • What are the reporting periods for 2014?
  • When will Medicare lower payments for EPs who have not achieved meaningful use?
  • How can eligible professionals who have changed practices still attest to meaningful use?
  • When can providers switch between the Medicare and Medicaid programs?
  • Are providers in the Medicaid program subject to the Medicare payment adjustment if they skip a year or don't achieve meaningful use in 2014?
  • Can you still take exclusions to the menu set measures?
  • Can the cost of patient portals be passed onto patients?
  • How does the online access measure work, and how do I meet it?

The 30-minute audio program is available, along with replays of the three webinars at