VITL Outlines Progress in Annual Report

Efforts to further develop the Vermont Health Information Exchange (VHIE) and assist Vermont healthcare providers in2013 VITL Annual Report using information technology took large steps forward in 2013, VITL said in its recently-published annual report.

During the year, 125 interfaces were added to connect primary care practices, specialty practices, and other organizations to the VHIE. That represents an increase of almost 60 percent, and brings the total number of non-hospital interfaces to 335. There are now 130 healthcare organizations connected to the VHIE, receiving lab test results, radiology exam reports, and other clinical data directly in their electronic health record (EHR) systems.


Another big focus for VITL in 2013 was helping Vermont healthcare professionals achieve meaningful use of their EHRs, so that they can qualify for EHR incentive payments from Medicare or Medicaid. The number of primary care providers achieving meaningful use in 2013 increased to 571, up threefold from 176 the year before. About two-thirds of Vermont's primary care providers have attested to completing Stage 1 of meaningful use.


The report also looks ahead to projects that VITL will be working on in 2014, including the statewide rollout of the VITLAccess provider portal, and providing clinical data to several Vermont accountable care organizations so that they can do quality measurement and other analytical work.