Connection Services

Connecting to the Vermont HIE

The number and type of health care organizations connected to the Vermont Health Information Exchange continues to grow. The transmittal of clinical data between multiple care settings is the primary function of the exchange. 

The Vermont Health Information Exchange plays a key role in improving the quality of care delivery, enhancing patient safety and to reducing the cost of care by ensuring that a patient's clinical data is available to a provider when and where it is most needed, at the point of care.

VITL is committed to connecting  health care organizations that provide care to Vermont's residents to the Vermont Health Information Exchange (VHIE). 

Eligible Organizations

Any health care organization providing services to Vermont residents is eligble to connect to the Vermont HIE. This includes:

  • Hospitals

  • Primary care medical practices

  • Specialty care medical practices

  • Blueprint for Health practices

  • Accountable care organization participating providers

  • Other care providers, such as long term care facilities, Home health and hospice agencies (visiting nurse association), mental health providers, and designated agencies

  • Public health services, such as the Vermont Department of Health Immunization Registry

  • Laboratories

Fee Structure

The fees involved in connecting to the Vermont HIE vary by the type of interface, the electronic health record system in use at your organization, and the type of data being transmitted to and from the Vermont HIE. Please see the page for your specific organization type.