Blueprint for Health Clinical Registry Interface Services

Blueprint for Health Interface Services

The Vermont Blueprint for Health is a state-wide initiative to transform health care delivery, improve health outcomes, and enable Vermonters to receive well-coordinated, seamless care. Primary care providers work together with community health teams in a multidisciplinary approach to assess patients’ needs and coordinate support services within a patient’s community. The Blueprint for Health initiative utilizes the clinical data in the Vermont Clinical Registry to support the community health teams and providers in tracking the progress of all their patients, especially those with chronic conditions. Practitioners can design better interventions and more effectively manage the health of their patient populations through collaboration with the other care providers in their community.

More information on the Blueprint for Health initiative can be found on Vermont's Health Care Reform website.

VITL supports the Blueprint initiative in two important ways:

  • Primary care practices that are participating in the Blueprint initiative can connect to the Vermont HIE in order to transmit demographics information and care summaries (CCD's) to the Vermont Clinical Registry.
  • VITL's clinical analysts work hand in hand with the Blueprint Community Health Teams and Blueprint practices on a series of data quality initiatives to improve end-to-end data completeness, accuracy, consistency and integrity.

Blueprint Interface Types:

While a Blueprint primary care practice can be connected for any of the interface types listed on the Primary Care Medical Practice Interface Services page, the following three interface types are desired:

Patient Demographics – Admit, Discharge and Transfer (ADT)

Demographic data are used to uniquely identify a patient, and may include data elements such as name, date of birth, and address. Demographic data is sent from the health care organization to VITL in an Admit, Discharge or Transfer (ADT) message. Patient demographic data are used to facilitate the aggregation of a shared community health record, and may also be forwarded to other registries, such as the Vermont Clinical Registry, at the request of the sending organization.

Clinical Summary - Continuity of Care Document (CCD) 

A clinical summary generally contains recent patient data such as a problem list, medications, allergies, immunizations, lab results, patient notes, and other summarized data. Clinical summaries are transmitted as a Continuity of Care Document (CCD). A clinical summary is used to convey patient information at a specific point in time and is not a complete medical record. CCD's are sent from a health care organization to the Vermont HIE and are can be routed to registries, such as the Vermont Clinical Registry, allowing Blueprint Community Health Teams to assist with management of a patient population.

Vermont Immunization Registry

Immunization data is sent from a practice or medical organization’s EHR and routed through the Vermont Health Information Exchange (VHIE) to the Vermont Department of Health Immunization Registry.

How to Get Connected

If you are interested in connecting your Blueprint primary care practice to the Vermont HIE please please fill out a  contact form and select "Connect my organization to the Vermont Health Information Exchange (VHIE)" as the reason for your inquiry.

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