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Patient questions about consent or VITLAccess:

  • Patients can call the Consent Hotline at 1-888-980-1243 during business hours.
  • Or visit



VITLAccess passwords must be at least eight characters long and contain:

  • 1 letter (alpha)
  • 1 number (numeric)
  • 1 non-alphanumeric character

Passwords are valid for 180 days. Starting seven days in advance, a warning will display that the password will expire.

A user is automatically logged out of VITLAccess after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Password reset:

VITLAccess password reset

  1. Click Reset Password. This feature is only available for unlocked accounts. An account will be locked after three failed login attempts.
  2. You must  know the answers to your three security questions to reset the password. Contact your VITLAccess organization administrator if you do not remember the three security questions.
  3. Contact VITL support or submit a MyVITL ticket if unable to reset your password. Your security questions will need to be answered, and you will then be sent a new temporary password via a MyVITL ticket.
  4. The temporary password sent to you will expire after seven days. You must log into VITLAccess and go to the Preferences tab to reset the password before the seven day period ends.
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