As a health care provider, you’ve put a lot of effort into implementing an electronic health record system. Congratulations on making the switch! Now it’s time to increase the power of your EHR – by adding the new VITLDirect  secure messaging service.

VITLDirect enables you to electronically send or receive patient data. For example, when you transfer or refer a patient to another health care organization, with VITLDirect you can securely transmit a summary of care record to the other provider. If your EHR supports secure messaging, you may be able to do this without leaving your EHR. Likewise, when a patient is sent to you, a summary of care record from the sending provider could be be received electronically in your EHR.   

VITLDirect uses the nationwide Direct Project communication standards. That means it works with any other system that also uses Direct standards. You can securely send patient data to providers across town, or across the country.

VITLDirect is an option if:

  • Your electronic health record (EHR) does not come equipped with a complete Direct transition of care module/Health Information Service Provider (HISP).
  • Your EHR does not have a Direct module (EHRs not certified to 2014 standards).
  • A Direct module is too expensive.
  • You don't use an EHR but would like a secure email option for communicating patient information to other providers.

Achieving Meaningful Use with VITLDirect

VITLDirect can help hospitals and eligible providers (EPs) achieve meaningful use by supporting the Transition of Care Summary measures. This measure is a Core objective in Stage 2 for both hospitals and EPs, and a Menu objective in Stage 1 for both hospitals and EPs. VITLDirect supports all portions of both Core and Menu measures.

For Stage 2, there are three measures in the Transition of Care Summary Core objective for both hospitals (Objective #12) and EPs (Objective #15). All three measures can be satisfied by using VITLDirect; however, it is not mandatory that the first measure be performed electronically.

For Stage 1, the Transition of Care Menu objective for both hospitals (Objective #7) and EPs (Objective #7) does not require an electronic transmission but it can be met by this method.

Improving Coordination of Care

Unleash the power of your EHR by adding VITLDirect and help your patients receive more coordinated care. For more information about VITLDirect, please contact us.

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