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What information will be shared?

If you give permission, your health care provider will be able to view any of the information about you that has been contributed to the Vermont Health Information Exchange by other health care organizations. This may include: the medications you have been prescribed; the medical procedures and treatments that you've had in the past; a list of your current and former medical conditions; lab test results; radiology exam reports; hospital discharge summaries; and patient demographics. If you've had mental health or substance abuse treatment, in some cases information about that may also be included. In some cases, such as medication lists, the information may come from sources outside the Vermont Health Information Exchange.

How do I benefit by giving my health care provider permission to view my statewide electronic medical record?

Your health care provider will have more complete information about your health history, which is very important for your provider to have when determining what could be causing your medical problems now and recommending treatment. If your health care provider can see the results of tests you've had in the past it may mean that the tests don't have to be unnecessarily repeated. Health care providers, including those participating in the Vermont Blueprint for Health and other health care reform initiatives, can also better coordinate the care you are receiving if they can see your complete record.