Community FAQs

What are some of the measures VITL uses to ensure data is secure?

Please see or Privacy and Security section for more information.

How does VITL support Vermont’s health care reform initiatives?

VITL connects the EHRs of physician practices participating in the Blueprint to the HIE, so that patient data can be collected from the EHRs and transmitted to the Blueprint’s electronic registry. Providers participating in the Blueprint then use the registry to analyze patient care and identify opportunities for intervention and improvement. As the Blueprint expands statewide, VITL will increase its capacity to connect providers participating in the Blueprint to the HIE. Act 128 of the 2010 Vermont Legislature, which set the Blueprint expansion schedule, also requires hospitals to maintain connections with the HIE as a condition of their annual budget approval process. VITL will be accelerating the connection of hospitals to the HIE so that lab tests and other electronic data is available to providers participating in the Blueprint.

What is Vermont doing to reform health care?

Please see our Vermont Health Care Reform page for more information about some of Vermont's health care reform efforts.

Is VITL part of state government?

No, VITL is a private, independent organization with its own board of directors and staff. However, VITL does work very closely with state government on its health care reform efforts.

What is VITL and what is its involvement in my health information?

VITL is the independent, non-profit organization that built and operates the Vermont health information network. VITL holds health information contributed by participating health care organizations in trust, and ensures that it is accessible by only authorized users. More information about VITL is available at