As Vermont Medical Records Go Digital, Providers Build Shared Repository

Release Date: 
December 8th, 2015

“Right at the moment we’ve built what I would consider a tower of Babel,” Bengtson explains, “And we just need to retrofit that into something that’s a tower of power, so to speak.”

The “tower of power” Bengston is talking about is one way to describe the central repository being built by a non-profit, publicly funded organization called Vermont Information Technology Leaders, or VITL.
"As we change the way health care is delivered, things have to be done differently. And these companies that are developing these cutting edge electronic medical records systems, who are they learning from? They are learning from us." - Paul Bengtson, CEO of Northern Vermont Regional Hospital

At first, VITL’s mission was to facilitate the direct exchange of electronic records by medical practices. But when it became clear that those systems could not all talk to each other, VITL asked providers to send patient records to its own data bank, located in a private cloud in cyberspace.